Collect all your media in one place – your digital hub

Photos, documents, audiovisual files, social streams & web feeds


Add context information, title and description, relevant tags and related links. Everything works: audio, video, images, presentations and documents.

MyMeedia creates thumbnails, indexes your files, transcodes and makes them ready to be published on the web.

Relate and share

All your files can be viewed directly on MyMeedia and automatically put in relation to all your other content. And of-course shared on social networks.

Follow social conversations

Import social steams based on keywords, @users and #hashtags from different social media networks. Get all new posts directly on MyMeedia and listen to the social chatter.

Listen to experts

Fetch fresh content when it is published on your favourite sites, blogs, news portals and start building up intelligence on your areas of interest.

Organise your media in smart collections and stories that make sense to you

Tags, topics, interests, ideas, projects, highlights & moments

Your own smart groups

Group everything based on tags, topics, interests, ideas, projects, highlights & moments into smart collections and stories. You define collections and stories as you wish and as it fits best your goals.

Collections can hold thousands of items and work best for topics. Stories are best for conveying a specific narrative, include transitions and special features for linking stories together.

More powerful than folders

Tired of copy/paste files from one folder to the other? With MyMeedia you can assign content to many collections and stories at the same time! Enjoy the flexibility and break free from rigid systems.

Automate content updates

Define rules to populate your smart collections and stories with content and keep them always up-to-date. Sit back and relax while MyMeedia does all the work for you. Capture excitement, share updates and reward your clients and customers with live and always fresh content!

Live moderation at your fingertips.

While content can automatically be added to your content hub, you can also manually decide which of it should be deleted, hidden or highlighted – only one click away!

Discover your audience and gain valuable insights

Influencers, key stakeholders & actors, connections & relations

Advanced indexing and search

Your content hub can easily grow to thousands of content items. But don't worry, everything in MyMeedia – files, posts, social streams, web feeds – is automatically indexed and easy to find whenever you want. The search box supports a range of handy operators for both novice and expert users.

Explore through intelligent filters

More than search, explore! MyMeedia automatically builds powerful filters from format, tags, actors and source of the items in your content hub. Just click them to start exploring.

For every post we also provide recommendations of what to read next. So we bring related posts together giving more points to explore complete topics.

Instant insights

Combining the advanced search with the powerful filters you can quickly understand who is talking about what and find tags related to the topics you are interested. Selecting one or more filters will not only change the items displayed, but also dynamically update the filters available.

For every collection and story you create

Insights are not only available for your entire content hub, but also instantly available for every collection and story you create. This makes them really smart. In this way you can easily keep tabs on things you are interested in.

Present any smart collection and story any way you like

Custom layouts, private, public & hidden, for all screens & devices

Tell your very own stories

There are so many hidden stories in your content hub. Dig them out and show the world how great your business is. Don't let posts about your work and highlights go bust, make a story of them.

Unlimited options

Showcase your collections and stories. Mix with multimedia files like on-site photos, posters, flyers, slides and get maximum engagement. Decide to make them private, public or hidden too.

Capture excitement, share updates and reward your clients and customer with social media walls! They are great for sharing what is happening "here and now".

Awesome designs for your collections and stories

Choose from the many templates we have available and change the look and feel of your collections and stories. Match your needs and requirements to bring your message directly to your audience.

From easy to install to seamless integration

Full flexibility. With custom CSS and a powerful API we can build every possible design and fit it seamlessly to your own website.

Talk to our experts for delivering quickly your tailor-made solution.

Everywhere you go.

Built using responsive design techniques with HTML5 and open web technologies. Your digital content hub works with all modern web browsers and on any device.

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