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Media management simplified.

Up-cycle original content, social media updates and web feeds.

Amplify and target your message

Make collections for any topic you would like to share and promote. Showcase the best moments of your organisation.

Original content makes up to 23.3% of all marketing investment. However, 75% of content assets are published once and never reused or repurposed again.

Access, repurpose, share and present your digital assets anywhere on the web and mobile.

Reactivate your valuable media and build stunning visual collections to showcase your best moments.

Capitalize on your social media effort

Archive your digital presence and save your social media updates from getting lost in cyberspace. Track topics of interest and see who is talking on what.

41% of marketers invest 11 hours or more in social media. However, Facebook posts have an organic reach of under 5% and Twitter updates a halftime of only 4 hours.

Bring all your content, social media and web feeds back to your own secure place. Get a record of relevant social media: easy to search, analyse and reuse.

Make your content strategic by ensuring it is easily accessible and travelling across channels. Turn your website into a rich, interactive resource.

Automate your website

Save time when updating key areas of your website, for example "About us" and "News". Increase your website traffic and conversion rates.

"Managing my website" is one of the top 3 challenges marketers are facing. Thus, websites become stale and irregularly updated.

Embed any MyMeedia collection into your website once and get future content updates published with just a few clicks. No technical knowledge necessary.

Make your website an attractive and always up-to-date resource, fun to interact with and easy to browse and search.

Keep everyone in the loop

Combine social and newsletters. Stop duplicating effort. Increase brand awareness.

Newsletters are one of the most effective lead generators for new clients, but time consuming to create.

Leverage your existing content and social media updates. Offer social newsletters on specific topics relevant to your business.

Keep all stakeholders and your team always up-to-date with the latest news.

Contextualise and share your files.

Upload your existing files to MyMeedia, adding context information, title and description, relevant tags and related links. Everything works: audio, video, images, presentations and documents.

MyMeedia creates thumbnails, indexes your files, transcodes and makes them ready to be published on the web.

Furthermore, all your files can be viewed directly on MyMeedia and automatically put in relation to your all other content. And of-course shared on social networks.

All your media in one place.

Not just your files, but all your social streams and web feeds can be collected right into MyMeedia. Made searchable in one central place – your digital stage – and published anywhere you want.

Import social steams based on keywords, @users and #hashtags from different social media networks. Get all new posts directly on MyMeedia and listen to the social chatter.

Blogs, news portals and many more, all have web and RSS feeds! Fetch fresh content when it is published on your favorite sites and start building up intelligence on your areas of interest.

Cherry-pick what becomes part of your collections or set-up rules to automatically populate them. If you want you can use the advanced options to easily filter posts and further specify what is relevant to you.

Search your entire content.

Your stage can easily grow to thousands of content items. But don't worry, everything in MyMeedia – files, posts, social streams, web feeds – is automatically indexed and easy to find whenever you want. The search box supports a range of handy operators for both novice and expert users.

MyMeedia automatically builds powerful filters from the format, tags, actors and source of the items in your collections. Selecting one or more filters will not only change the items displayed, but also update the filters available.

Combining the advanced search with the powerful filters you can quickly refine the items you see and browse directly to the ones you are looking for. Search is not only available on your entire stage, but also on every collection you have created.

Everywhere you go.

Built using responsive design techniques with HTML5 and open web technologies. Your digital stage works with all modern web browsers and on any device.

Trusted by many organisations world-wide

Discover the latest MyMeedia collections.

Find out why MyMeedia is right for you

MyMeedia is most useful, and a lot more fun, when organising events, marketing touristic destinations, building communities, doing creative work, establishing brands, running companies, and promoting products.

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