About us.

We have been around for a while. Since 2005 actually.

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The MyMeedia service

With MyMeedia we created a digital hub for collecting, discovering, organising and presenting multimedia content. We give you so the control over your content and a place to build collections and themes, publish and share them with the world. And more importantly embed them into any website or blog.

What do we stand for

We are self funded and don't have to please investors and stakeholders. We only care that our customers receive the service they deserve and everything we do is for their benefit. We don't sell our customer's personal data or preferences to advertisers.

The company behind MyMeedia

The MyMeedia service is provided by IN2, founded in 2005 with the mission to simplify how you collect, discover, organise and present digital content on the web.

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A bit of history

The journey started a few years back when we released our own management and publishing platform, for content-rich web-based applications.

In 2012 we set up followtheplace.com, the first service of this platform, that turns streams of photos into personal collections.

In 2014 we launched MyMeedia as the digital hub for your content.

A large part of this endeavour has been co-financed by the European Commission in the framework of several reseach and innovation projects.

Find out why MyMeedia is right for you

MyMeedia is most useful, and a lot more fun, when organising events, marketing touristic destinations, building communities, doing creative work, establishing brands, running companies, and promoting products.

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