MyMeedia improves your destination's digital reach.

Where guests and visitors go to learn about your destination. We have a range of tools to support all your communication and marketing activities.

Attract more visitors

Showcase your destination through visually stunning stories and thematic collections that combine the best of your professionally created content with that created by your visitors. Engage with both the local residents and visitors.

Monitor user generated content and gather intelligence

Conversations about a future, ongoing or past trip are taking place simultaneously on numerous platforms and are influencing travel decisions. MyMeedia makes it easy for you to understand the desires of potential travellers and identify opportunities to improve.

Mobile presence

More than 40% of travellers use smartphones or tablet devices. Inform and entertain your guests no matter what device they are using.

Improve your website

Ensure that your website is always up-to-date and captivating so that it remains the preferred online information point for your guests. Do this effortlessly and without technical support.

Uncover events

Promote special events taking place showcasing the best moments from "here and now" to attract more meetings, conferences and events to the destination

Capitalise on social

Don't let the excitement about your destination and thank you notes disappear in cyberspace. Turn them to testimonials how great your destination is and use them for your own marketing.

Tell your own stories

There are so many hidden stories in your hub. Dig them out and show the world how great your destination is. Don't let posts about your products and highlights go bust, make a story of them.

You are always in control

Our automatic content updates are coupled with live content moderation to populate your collections with the right content every time. Add manual moderation to the mix and you are always in control.

Build long-lasting relationships with your guests

It is healthy relationships that are based on emotional connections, transparency and trust that will drive return visits and healthy organic growth.

React quickly to the needs of your guests

When guests have questions or complaints they increasingly use social media as a way of communicating those. Show that you actively listen and respond to them no matter the channel or if their message was directed at one of your official accounts.

Do more with your budget

Working smarter allows you to do more with your existing budget. Take advantage of the new digital tools and benefit from their return on investment.

Manage social media campaigns

Aggregate and manage from one central place all content produced by campaign participants, no matter the social network where it was shared. Curate it with just a couple of clicks, publish it in stunning collections and use it to amplify your message and engage with the visitors.

Promote your products in context

Re-use original material, blog posts, flyers and brochures that you already have produced and use it to promote your products in context and in the social channels people are active in.

Build your destination's archive

Get your photos instantly on the website, together with all your other media assets, flyers and brochures about key attractions, hotel information and local business offerings. Build a unique resource of information easy to be found and shared

Showcase your destination

Showcase routes, shopping facilities, local deals, hotel offerings with collections. Mix with multimedia files like on-site photos, posters, flyers, slides and get maximum engagement.

Capture excitement, share updates and reward your guests and visitors with social media walls! They are great for sharing the pulse of the destination.

Perfect fit to your destination

Choose from our beautiful designs and simply copy a few lines of code on your website. Tap our API and build your own custom experience. From easy to install to custom CSS, we are here to help.

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