EventPlace for private and public events

The social-powered multimedia hub on any device: from smartphones to large TV screens.

Engage your participants.

Showcase any topic and highlight best moments instantly.

Gather insights.

Capture social updates and turn them into valuable insights.

Build unique resources.

Organise your media: event materials, videos, photos & text.

Keep everyone in the loop.

Combine social and newsletters and increase awareness.


EventPlace is your tailor-made solution for private and public events.

Tired juggling with too many platforms? You don't have to! We have a range of tools for all your communication and marketing before, during and after your event. Pick up what you need and we'll make it happen.

Convenient access to all your event's assets

Get your professional photos instantly on the website, together with all your other media assets, the event programme, slides, presentations, keynotes.

Digital event briefcase

All video keynotes and slide presentations together with selected blog posts, photos, and social media posts readily available on your website. Pro tip: add to the mix promoted content from your sponsors as well!

Interactive press pages

Upload press releases, news, and materials for the press. Easy to search and download.

Create anticipation and boost registrations

Give your audience all your latest event news in one place and let them follow your updates in their mailbox. Showcase multimedia highlights and special moments from previous editions to increase registrations.

Dynamic social news

Show news and updates while speaker changes, session breaks and social events.

Spice up you Q&A sessions and run hashtag contests

Gather questions on Twitter and Facebook during keynotes.

Run any hashtag contest on Twitter or Instagram, showcase results and reward your attendees.

Story walls

There are so many hidden stories in your hub. Dig them out and show the world how great your event is. Don't let your event highlights go bust. Put your special curated story content on the web and on TV screens in public areas of the venue.

Collection walls

Showcase photos and news about your parallel tracks, the exhibition, networking sessions, conference workshops with collections. Mix with multimedia files like on-site photos, posters, flyers, slides and get maximum engagement.

Social media walls

Capture excitement, share updates and reward your audience. All social media per channel or mixed together. Create instantly Twitter walls, Instagram walls, Hashtags walls and every combination of them.


Discover what your audience is talking about, the newest topics, find out influencers and key stakeholders to engage with your event.

Build your event's archive

Turn the excitement of your attendees and their thank you notes into testimonials of how great your event was and use them for your post-event updates. Capture everything and build your very own resource of what happened in your event.

You are always in control

Our automatic content updates are coupled with live content moderation to populate your collections with the right content every time. Add manual moderation to the mix and you are always in control.

Full service

We know how busy the days leading up to events can be. You can count on us to help you out. Our experts can manage and moderate your walls, stories, collections so you can remain focused on the tasks at hand.

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