MyMeedia helps your museum's mission to educate and reach out.

Where visitors go to learn about your museum collections. We have a range of tools to support all your educational and outreach activities.

Carry out outreach projects

Get children excited about a particular theme by easily creating and conducting outreach and educational campaigns that leverage the rich content of the museum.

Give visitors more interactive experiences

Put content in context and engage the audience with visual and interactive stories based on your thematic your rich archive, giving the opportunity to digitally exhibit content which otherwise did not make it into the physical collection.

Extend your available toolkit

Work smarter and complement your existing CMS rather than replacing it.

Effortless updates of digital exhibits

Author and curate the content displayed in a Kiosk much more easily and without the any need of technical know-how.

Target all devices

The created interactive experiences can be presented and accessed on any screen (museum kiosk, tablet, PC, mobile, large displays) and can be linked from or made part of their own website.

No IT - No problem

MyMeedia is a fully hosted solution so you don't have to worry about servers or any IT issues. We take care of all of that complexity and provide you with a very user friendly tool that lives in the cloud.

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