Knowledge Hubs for Teams.

Share and build knowledge for all your projects.

Multiple media.

Files, social streams and web feeds.

Topic insights.

Advanced search and powerful filters.

Private collections.

Keep live tabs on your team's interests.

Everywhere you go

Works on the web and for all devices.


MyMeedia improves your team's performance.

A wealth of resources about projects, interests, ideas. All your content in one place, easy to find, organised into topics. Break free from hierarchical folders.

Your team's archive

Everything that your team needs to know, access and built upon. Unlimited posts and files.

Speed up access

Powerful search coupled with intelligent filters to speed up access and make your team more productive.

Faster on-boarding

Get your team on the same page and give new members instant access to all resources they need.

Capture social conversations

Capture ideas and get inspiration from social media. Bring together what your team and others say around your projects and work.

Build up intelligence

See who is talking on what for the topics you work. Build up insights and identify experts and influencers.

Private, public and hidden

Keep collections entirely private, or make them public to the world. Hide them and give temporary access to external stakeholders via dedicated links.

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