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The social-powered multimedia hub for your brand.

Amplify your message.

Showcase any topic and highlight best moments instantly.

Make social media work.

Save your social media updates from getting lost in cyberspace.

Automate your website.

Save time and make your website an always up-to-date resource.

Keep everyone in the loop.

Combine social and newsletters and increase awareness.


MyMeedia improves your brand's digital reach.

We have a range of tools to support all your communication and marketing activities and help you better drive, connect and engage with audiences.

Build communities

Build your own community around your brand. Nurture it, own it and make your website truly social and engaging

Increase reputation

Strengthen your brand's reputation by showcasing social media interactions. Collect positive comments, and use these references for converting your regular website visitors.

Understand who's talking

Dig deeper and understand who's talking about your company, executives, products, employees, competitors and more.

Build your brand's archive

Bring all your media in one place and make them easy to be found and shared. Create a unique resource off all posts or articles of your brand. Get your photos instantly on the website, together with all your other media assets, flyers, brochures videos about your products

Drive traffic

Use social networks to drive traffic to your website. Our collections are SEO friendly and will make your website easier to find.

Showcase your brand

Showcase products, events, special offerings with collections. Mix with multimedia files like on-site photos, posters, flyers, slides and get maximum engagement.

Capture excitement, share updates and reward your brand's loyalists with social media walls! Reward your audience and put them on screen.

Track conversations

Save conversations and discussions around your brand as they happen. Analyse and understand them better. Get involved when it makes sense to drive engagement.

Generate leads

Monitor social media to generate more leads, attract new customers, identify influencers and advocates.

Measure impact

Understand on which target social network platforms to focus marketing activities, drive innovation.

Improve customer care

Manage user feedback cycles across social channels and improve customer care.

Stay actual

Keep the brand on the mind of your fans and stay in direct contact with them. Turn your social media updates into automated newsletters on topics that matter to them.

Capitalise on social

Don't let the excitement about your brand and thank you notes disappear in cyberspace. Turn them to testimonials how great your brand is and use them for your own marketing.

Tell your own stories

There are so many hidden stories in your hub. Dig them out and show the world how great your brand is. Don't let posts about your products and highlights go bust, make a story of them.

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